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The 2019 Taxes Bills will be sent out in December  to the addresses on file.  If your mailing address has changed, please contact the
Town Treasurer Angie Timm at 715.851.5327.     The 1st Installment was due January 31, 2020.   If you paid in Installments, the
Second payment is due to the Shawano County Treasurers Office by July 31, 2020.  See Below about Tax Payment Methods.

Town Treasurer                   Check the Calendar for Payment times at the Town Hall
Angie Timm
W10601 Hwy 29
Shawano 54166
715 - 851 - 5327

TAX PAYMENTS ARE DUE TO THE SHAWANO COUNTY TREASURER In an effort to better serve its customers, Shawano County has
installed a drive-up payment drop box in the parking lot adjacent to the Courthouse. This will allow for after hour and weekend
payments. Payments can be made on County Property Taxes, County Fines, and to receive Trail Passes and Boat Landing Permits.
Payment must be in Check or Money Orders. (Do not use Cash) Payments should be marked with the Payers Name, Address, Phone
Number and type of payment. Payment envelopes are available in the Clerk of Court’s, Treasurer and Clerk’s offices.  
County Treasurer
Debra Wallace
Phone: (715) 526-9130
Fax: (715) 524-5157
Click here to email

Shawano County Courthouse   1st Floor
311 N. Main St.
Shawano, WI 54166
Office Hours: Monday - Friday   8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.


January 1, 2003, the 2001 Wisconsin Act 109 Section 74.485 first applied to property tax
assessments.  If you Tax Statement says "See Reverse, Use Value Assessment", some or all the property is being assessed
Agricultural.  If the use was changed from agricultural to residential and/or commercial during the calendar year 2015, a use value
conversion charge will be charged in 2016.  The statutes require that persons owning land assessed as "Agricultural" must notify a
buyer of that fact.  If you are a buyer, be aware of the classifications of property.  If you have any questions, contact you local assessor
or the County Treasurer.   The Wisconsin Department of Revenue has information on the Use Value Conversion Charge on their
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The Town of Herman with an assessed property and land value totaling $54.6M among a total of 1176 recorded Agricultural, Commercial,
Personal and Forest Crop parcels(
Historical View). and  a combined Tax Levy Limit set at $66,401, the Town Board Approved the
2019 Budget  following the Town Residents Budget Review Meeting held on November 13 2018.
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