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Town of Herman Roads
The Town of Herman has State, County and Local Town roads
within its boundaries. WisDOT maintains state highways and
bridges. Local governments - counties, cities, towns and
villages - maintain their own roads. The Town of Herman
manages a total of 38.9 Miles of Town Roads.  32.9 miles are
intersecting roads and 6 miles are dead end roads. The town’s
paved roads are rated every two years using the PACER rating
system. The Town of Herman uses these ratings, as well as the
amount and type of traffic using the roads to develop a
"5 YEAR PLAN"  for road maintenance. The Plan is updated
yearly based on the annual road inspection by the Town Board
and budgetary restraints.

The Town Board currently has a policy, based on experience
over the past 3-4 years of maintaining roads, that any
intersecting road when deemed in need of repair, will be ground
down to its base, and re-laid with either 2” or 3" of new asphalt
based on the type of traffic on a particular road.  The estimated
cost of grinding and repaving with 3” of asphalt is $164,000 per
mile. That means the Town is able to update less than 1 mile of
pavement a year unless income from Wis DOT grants or other
sources becomes available.

Dead End roads present a special challenge to the Town Board
due to the low traffic volume. The current policy is to maintain
these roads through patching rather than repaving. Adjustments
to this policy may be needed in the future.

The Town of Herman is a farming and logging based economy,
thus the equipment traveling our roadways is getting larger than
ever, even though most Town Roads were originally constructed
to handle much lighter loads.  Wisconsin law provides local
governments authority to set weight limits on their roads.
Special weight limits for Implements of Husbandry (IoH) and
Agriculture Commercial Motorized Vehicles (Ag CMVs) have
been established by the Wisconsin Legislature.  
publishes these regulations on the Local government
information web page. This page also has resources for local
governments on IoH/Ag  CMV regulation.   Towns are given
several options under the law as to how to implement these
new weight limit regulations.  The Town of Herman has adopted
option F which provides that all IOHs and AgCMVs, except
Category B may operate on all non-posted roads with the new
standards of 23K/axle and 92K gross vehicle weight. Although
no-fee permit applications must be considered by the Town of
Herman, the Board has adopted a policy of not approving these
applications except in extra-ordinary circumstances.

The Town of Herman contracts with the Shawano County
Highway Dept to handle basic road maintenance.
For TRIP (Town Road Improvement Projects) - these are sent
out for bid.

Depending on the size of trimming project, it is determined
whether a Town Officer goes out, or contracts out Tree and
Brush cutting.  Grass/Ditch mowing is currently done by the
Shawano County Highway Dept. 2 - 3 times a year, depending
on growth.

Town of Herman Winter Snow Plowing duties are contracted to
the Shawano County Highway Department.
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